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10 Common Job Search Mistakes You Must Avoid | DLP India

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Are you making a few job search mistakes?

Have you been applying all around the globe for a job?

Have you been trying all the job openings online too?

Are you tired of hunting for the right job?

If you admit in affirmation to any of these questions, you are the victim of job search mistakes. You have definitely been committing one of the blunders of the common mistakes people do.


The hunt for the right job is a big job in itself. You need to meticulously prepare yourself, have confidence in your abilities and be ready with your resume and cover letter. The right man-job match might take a few weeks to a few months, but you must never hastily settle for any job where your goals do not match the organizational goals. As Confucius says, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

You need to be professional and persistent in your outlook and keep trying. However, there are certain mistakes which you must avoid as any one of these mistakes can cost you the job of your dreams.


1. Do not keep your focus online all the time

You must not apply for all jobs and at all places and keep sitting on the laptop all the while. This is quite detrimental because only 5% of the online applications actually make through the job. You need to spend no more than 10% of your efforts and time applying online. The actual jobs are either through references or job agencies in most of the cases.


Swati Gupta, a young lady who is an aspiring content writer, spent almost a year applying and keeping a track of online openings for a content writer. Each day there would be some 20 odd emails but unfortunately none to create a job opening. It was when she met a leading digital marketer that she found her first break.

Hence do not keep yourself glued to online portals and focus on productive networking.


2. Is your resume updated and precise?

Make sure your resume doesn’t have your life or personal history. Keep it short and concise. The recruiters have to just hit the nail in the first one minute. Make it impressive yet not exaggerated. Each time you apply, modify the resume and cover letter signifying why you are fit for the job and what will be your added contribution to the company. Having references lined up in your resume speaks volumes of your professionalism. Mention the correct address and contact information. Your qualifications and experience should be well highlighted.


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3. Seek the help of professionals

There are job hiring agencies, resume makers and other specialists who have the expertise in helping you find the ‘right’ job and the salary package much better than your anticipation. What can be taken care of by the specialist must be delegated to them. These people are adept in the job search field and know how to align the right man-job.


4. Seek referrals

Never hesitate to ask your family, friends and other acquaintances to refer you to the job vacancy in their company. References make an added advantage for them in terms of any commission that the company offers for referring. And this definitely makes the job search a cakewalk for you. All you need to do is be cordial and benevolent with all those around you.


5. Never leave a job on a sour note

Whenever you quit a job, howsoever sour your terms might be but never be vocal about it. Always quit on a peaceful note. Any bad reference would be a lifetime blunder for job searches.


You must make sure that you leave on a cordial note.

6. Be clear on what you are applying for

Never apply for a specialist post. Instead always seek to apply for a position. This opens up avenues for more jobs. If you focus on a particular specialist job, you are narrowing your search engine horizon.


7. Do not aim at big companies only

Applying only for Microsoft or Apple might sound fabulous, but that will only delay your chance to seek the job. Focus on smaller companies too as some lesser-known companies sometimes have goals and culture that aligns with your objectives and helps you thrive better. Also, you’ll have a wider search horizon, hence easier the job seeking process will be.


8. Prepare well for the ‘big day’

The interview is the most crucial stage of getting hired. Make sure you dress appropriately, carry all your documents, communicate confidently and just speak the ‘right’ thing. Do your homework well and extensively search about the company, its background and culture as well as about the interviewer. Do not boast too much about yourself yet be assertive in your opinion. Be flexible to the demands of the job.


9. Understand your skills and aptitude

Assess your weaknesses and strengths and try capitalizing on your niche talents. Do not simply follow the availability of the job dictum. Follow your heart’s calling and see where your skills would be most valued. Know what you are good at and not what is available. You are unique and harbor on your uniqueness.


10. Have confidence and faith

This is the most important part for any day of your life. If job search has taken more than anticipated time, do not give up and do not start doubting yourself. The day you lose self –confidence, problems will start mounting up and leave you in a lurch. Have confidence in your capabilities and keep going.


Conclusion- Job search is not an ongoing process and you have to strike the right chord and be in the right place. Be well prepared and network with the right kind of people. With the right attitude and aptitude, you are likely to search the right place and will grow at the right job.

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