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10 Worst Career Mistakes to Avoid | DLP India

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The Internet has completely revolutionized the workforce landscape in a couple of years. Things like blogging and freelancing which were earlier considered as hobbies now fall into the categories of respected careers and can easily pitch seven figure remuneration.


In today’s digital world, a majority of people live under a constant fear of making mistakes in their job which may end up in headlines and may even cost their job. However, what they don’t know is that making mistakes is not a big deal until they are learning from the experience. Yet another thing to know is that the most common career mistakes are the ones which are slow and progress gradually and often go unnoticed. But these are deadly.

Here are some of the worst career mistakes which if not avoided may take a toll on your career.


1. Being dormant

You may have been celebrating a decade anniversary with your company and would be feeling pretty satisfied and comfortable in your job. It’s not a bad thing unless you aren’t making an effort. It may be your perception that people might not notice, but they do—they really do!


Ensure that you learn new things every day– things that push you towards perfection and add to your experience. Keep making efforts and the results will be visible and magical too. You will be noticed and acknowledged for that.

2. Losing sight of the big picture

Well, it may happen that you are so lost in your project and planning for the same that you lose out on a bigger picture. You may be the most ambitious and the busiest person in the company, but when you are completely bogged in your work, it becomes hard to step back and opt for a wider view. You have to look in all the directions; else all your efforts may be channelized in the wrong direction.


3. Job Hopping

Thinking that grass is greener on the other side will always lend you in trouble. Checking out new industries and workplaces may or may not add to your learning but certainly cast a bad impression on your resume. Be strategic in your approach and do your homework properly before planning to make a job switch.


4. Allowing your skills to become out of date

When technology is advancing, then why not you? With each passing day, something new is coming up. If you aren’t able to sync with the changing technological trends, the company will start looking for your replacement. You would be labeled as someone who can’t keep up with the latest happenings and trends in the industry.


So, keep yourself updated on professional grounds by reading, taking classes, attending seminars, keeping your network (professional) strong and building a strong presence over social networks as well.

5. Quitters are losers

When something goes wrong, what is your first reaction? Do you accept it and start working on it with double the spirit or do you leave everything and just walk away? Most of the employees fall in the latter section.


Leaving at that moment may make you feel better but will cost you later. It’s better to be known as a person who is tenacious rather than a quitter.

6. Not believing in yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself then how will you convince your boss, colleagues, friends and clients? If you lack confidence in yourself then how will your clients believe you? You need to take your decisions confidently and stick to them.


The best way out is that if you can’t think positive about yourself, then you must stop thinking at all. Indulge in activities which act as confidence boosters. Always remind yourself about your strengths and abilities which distinguish you from others.

7. Chasing two rabbits

Well, it’s easy to catch up between being busy and being unproductive. Your hard work is of no use if it’s not adding any value to the organization. You need to be strategic and decisive but remember ‘Everything that shines is not Gold.’


Rather than taking up any random project, be focused on the projects that add value and recognition to your company.

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8. Doing it just for the MONEY

Money is not everything. If you join a company just to meet your money needs then at some point in time your career graph will experience a drastic fall. Money is definitely a factor but is not the ONLY factor.


Keep grooming yourself and join a company that gives you deeper satisfaction and a challenging role. This will keep you moving, motivated and offer you exceptional career growth.

9. Job hunting on company time

Now, this is a really serious issue. Despite knowing that all your online history and emails are getting recorded over your company’s servers, you still don’t bother job hunting on company time. This seriously damages your reputation.


Avoid this completely. Till the time you are in the office, you need to be loyal to your company. You can do whatever you want after stepping out form the company’s premises.

10. Thinking your job will last forever

Even the top performers are fired at the time of recession. So, be prepared that your job may end up anytime for all random reasons totally unrelated to your performance.


Always stay prepared and stay well connected with connections in your network in case something wrong happens.

The last word

In due course of your career journey, never forget your family who is essentially your backbone towards success. Keep fine-tuning your skills and stay connected over the digital platforms.


Your career and financial success matter a lot. But they should never come at the expense of people whom you love—your family, friends and colleagues.

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