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6 Reasons to Start a Side Gig | DLP India

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A side gig or a side hustle- pursuing a hobby or something you’re extremely passionate about is crucial in changing times.


This is important if you don’t wish to work in the same cubicle for months and years with all your energy and interest drained out, wondering every day if there is an escape route to a boring life of yours. It is even more important if you don’t wish to simply walk or stand still in life. For you to outpace others and for many more reasons, you need a side gig.

Here’s more as to why you absolutely need a side gig:

1. You get additional money

Because wages have been stagnant for a number of years and the raises tend to be paltry, it has become extremely difficult to keep pace with inflation and break even considering the fact that the cost of living just keeps shooting up. Because the prices are continually rising without any significant increase in what you get for your work, it makes sense to find ways to make some additional money.


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2. The way people make money is changing

In case you didn’t know, the gig economy is going to be the future. Many companies are now outsourcing their work to freelancers in order to cut their expenses. As a result, many people are motivated to take up freelance gigs considering the huge demand freelancers have in the changing economy. Besides generating a lot of money, freelance gigs offer a lot of flexibility and locational independence. This is one of the main reasons that the skill development courses along with distance education programs are gaining a lot of popularity amongst both students and professionals.


3. Expand your Network

Side gigs are an excellent method of growing your network as every time you get into the conversation with a potential client or land yourself a gig, you make a new connection. In case you didn’t know, these connections you build go a long way in giving you an access to exciting career opportunities and ensuring you a successful professional journey ahead.


4. Widen your horizons

In today’s fast-moving world when everything is possible at the click of a button, you can’t afford to stand still and not do anything to expand your horizons. The times are changing fast and you need a back-up for everything, even for your job. If one thing crashes, you must not lose everything else in your career. A side gig creates a safety net for you in a volatile job market by making you capable of taking more than one job role.


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You might argue that it’s not possible to replace all of your income with a side hustle when things go wrong. In that case, it’s better to have at least some money coming in than having nothing at all. Another thing, there are numerous stories of people who earn a lot more than their full-time job by pursuing their hobby or what they are most passionate about. You might already know how Bloggers are earning their livelihood by doing what they love the most- writing. Thus, what you get out of pursuing a side gig depends majorly on your future goals and objectives.


5. Become a Digital Nomad

The internet has made so much possible that you are no longer required to pursue a traditional 9 to 5 job in order to mark a niche for yourself in the chosen field of your work. These days, all you need is a laptop and reliable internet connection to make money (as much as you want) and that too, from all possible locations of the world. Due to the same reason, people who are fond of traveling are now taking the idea of becoming digital nomads more seriously than ever before. It is because they are happier pursuing their hobby in the form of a side gig from different exotic locations of the world than having to work in the same cubicle every day of their lives.


6. International Market

You don’t remain confined to a local market by working online on a side hustle. Because everything gets done on the internet, there are no geographical constraints and you don’t even have to conform to the whims and fancies of local clients who generally want everything done by paying you peanuts. You can work with clients in the international market, gain more exposure and get more value for your work.


Does that excite you but is it that you feel you lack the skills or confidence required for pursuing a side gig? Or, is it that you think you lack specialization? In that case, you may consider doing a short course online or any of the skill development courses in order to explore abundant career opportunities that are available in today’s digitized world.

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