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8 Tips to Kick-Start Your Motivation Now | DLP India

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Do you have to drag yourself to work every morning and tell yourself “One more day and it’ll be fine by tomorrow”?


Does it get really difficult to concentrate on the task and give your best shot?

Have you started developing a feeling that the place of your work is not where you wanted to be and you would do anything to get out of there?


Well, the good news is that it’s not just you. It’s a common feeling and it happens usually when there is a lack of motivation. It’s just that different people experience this feeling at different times in the span of their careers.

Waking up to the realization that a majority of individuals feel this way at some point of time in life doesn’t help. You need to work towards getting over with slacking attitude of yours as it may otherwise have an irreparable impact on your career.


Given below are a few tips to kick-start your motivation:

1. A positive frame of mind

Resetting your mind to think positively makes you feel motivated, a lot more efficient and effective in your work. Consider grabbing a book on the positive mindset and you may even listen to podcasts or an uplifting music while you’re on move. In changing times, YouTube videos are also a powerful medium for changing the frequency of your mind and in order to start thinking positively.


2. Go slow

Sometimes you don’t realize but flying under the radar all the time drains your energy and brings you down. In times like these, it helps you to slow down a bit and start taking new tasks slowly. The change of pace is always a great way of getting unstuck and start moving again. It helps you break out of what has been holding you back from what you think you are capable of doing. By doing simple things like raising hands for only those projects that you are actually interested in doing can help you get back on track.


3. Take a break

Consider taking a few days off to be able to find time for doing things you like the most. It could be taking a break traveling or spending time with friends and family. Or you may simply take time off to laze around. Joining a class, workshop or seminar that fascinates you also helps you get your drive back. There is a wide variety of amazing continuing education opportunities available in every city. You may even consider enrolling yourself for a distance education program in case you want a flexible studying schedule and location independence.


Time off helps you recharge yourself and get your priorities straight so as to jump back to work with high levels of energy and motivation.

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4. Stop seeking perfection all the time

It’s a good practice to stay organized and do things with perfection but not every single day of your life. The moment you find your head spinning, it’s time to let yourself lose and give yourself a permission to move forward. Sometimes, it’s more important to get started with a thing or to simply to move on than over analyzing things and trying to figure out the perfect blueprint.


5. Do what works for you

To get the push you need to get through in challenging times, consider creating your own mantras and doing things that work for you. While inspirational quotes work amazingly well for some, listening to music yields the same results for others. The secret lies in picking your favorites and not copying others.


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6. Condition your body

If you are really inclined towards finding and sustaining motivation, start taking care of your body. By grooming and conditioning your body emotionally, physically and spiritually, you start getting back on track. When you set yourself up for your wellbeing, it shows your willingness to change things up and embrace positivity in life. And your body starts reacting accordingly, thereby, maximizing the chances of keeping your mojo flowing.


7. Build a network of positive people

By building a circle of positive and like-minded people, you tend to keep negativity at bay and surround yourself with people who like to stay motivated all the time. In challenging times, you may even seek their support as people with a positive bent of mind tend to be encouraging all the time.


8. Start writing

Writing is one of the most powerful exercises that help you get rid of your negative thoughts and emotions. It helps in streamlining your thoughts and takes you closer to your inner self. You get greater self-awareness and it also helps you to zero in on the most important aspects of your life. By focusing your energy on the things that matter, you lead yourself on a path towards greater success.


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Some Final Words

Staying motivated is important so as not to let the negativity creep in your life and also, to ensure that you never get too far off the track. Here’s to a fresh start, a more positive, loving and motivated you!

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