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Career Growth- How does it help to stay active | DLP India

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The term ‘career growth’ rings a bell and suddenly a mind map is formed where you can visualize a fat paycheck, better emoluments and a boss-like feeling suddenly. Isn’t it too lucrative? After all, when you join a company, you do aim at a rising career graph wherein you eventually want to settle in the shoes of the boss. Sounds too good to be true, but isn’t that the real motivation you slog for all the years?


You join a company when your personal goals align with that of the company. You wouldn’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Career progression is one such major factor. It gives you an adrenaline rush, you are motivated to be the best and you work harder to outperform the rest.

The increased responsibility and challenges that ensure the career growth are intoxicating enough to keep you active. You are driven to accept new challenges that come with your new job role and you are motivated to crack new deals and meet the new deadlines and targets.


There are other bits which enumerate the relevance of climbing the corporate ladder:

A fat paycheck

Money is the most important driving force and you work that extra 24*7 just to gain higher monetary perks and the other benefits that are accompanied herein. Who doesn’t want a bigger bank balance, lavish accommodation, better living standards and a refurbished lifestyle for the family? The perks and prosperity are a benediction and you’ll leave no chance to grab them. Even if it means working a little harder or learning new skills to meet the changing demands of your job, you would be more than willing to do it.


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A happier and motivated you

Doesn’t a career progression calls for a big celebration? Your joy knows no bounds when you climb the corporate ladder and this gives you a sense of purpose, a sense of accomplishment and a deep sense of satisfaction. You would agree that all this opens up faucets to a higher productive, motivated and self-channelized inner soul.


Sense of security

Switching over jobs to reach a higher position or staying in the same company and climbing the ladder- which option would endorse a sense of reliability and security? The latter, of course. When you work with the same organization, you tend to identify with its every goal and purpose and this helps to build a rapport with the other employees too. You and even other employees associate with the company goals and feel secure with a higher growth chance anticipated ahead.


Hones leadership skills

You will act and feel like a leader once you see the possibilities of career growth. The job growth doesn’t only boost your decision-making abilities but also makes you an asset to the company you are working for with your experience and performance.


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Job satisfaction and alleviation of stress

The study shows that a person changes jobs ten to fifteen times on an average in his career. Each time you change a position and escalate further, job satisfaction comes in, which makes you work in the best interest of the company. Your morale is at its peak. You are ready to work that extra inch to retain the top position. This ensures that you are relieved of the stress of proving your mettle.


Getting to the zenith of glory and staying active

Apart from the soft skills like courtesy and empathy, you need to exhibit a great deal of professionalism in your work. You need to be well qualified for the current job and work hard to elicit returns for the organization. Be ready to help your coworkers and develop a friendly rapport with them as well as bosses.


Career Moves

Life is unpredictable and there are career moves that can go wrong. There will be times when a career progression may involve a change of location which doesn’t suit you or it can be that the new job doesn’t click with you. Each time you are given an opportunity to climb the ladder, you must, therefore, make sure the new job profile is suited to your interests and you are well equipped to take the job challenges and requisite training required for the same.


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Last words

Success and growth aren’t miraculous or attained overnight. You have to make your way through it and once you climb the ladder, you have to work even harder to retain the newly acquired position. There will be stress involved but the endorphins released with the career progression will keep you motivated and you will find yourself active and recharged to take your company to a new level.

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