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Different Ways to Build Bullet Proof Confidence | DLP India

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You have a board meeting to address and are you already feeling drained out?

A new project is on the way and do you feel like backing off right away?

Are you entrusted with the task of motivating employees and did you say you are losing nerves?


Why is it that your confidence wavers at work? Why do feel nervous the moment you have to address someone? This is because of the low self-esteem you have developed over the years based on what others think about you. What is worth pondering is that is the opinion of others so relevant that you land up tarnishing your confidence and goof-up at work premises?

We all have the right knowledge and aptitude for work. Just a bit of polishing of our talents and uplifting our confidence is the key to nail the targets. All of us want to give the best shot but till the time we are able to communicate effectively and confidently, a lacuna is bound to persist. Let us read a list of to-dos, which will endorse a bullet-proof unwavering confidence at work.


1. Intensive preparation

Be it a meeting or a presentation, never ‘play it by the ear’. You will have immense confidence if you are well prepared and have acquainted yourself with full research and knowledge on the subject.


Even a big head honcho or a CEO never leaves the things to last minute and is well equipped to address the team or clients or even for a big event. How would a child feel if he has learned his answers well? Absolutely ready to rock the exam, wouldn’t he be? Now imagine he hadn’t prepared well, what would be his plight be in the morning? He would be nervous and nearly very upset.

Invest your time and energy in the preparation of the projects, be focused and always be on time.


2. Dress just right

How you dress up really pushes up and gives your confidence a boost. It has been proved that a formal business suit will suddenly lift your mind to the status of a boss and make you feel confident.


If you are going to a meeting or a presentation, make sure you dress in casual business attire. Keep in mind that the clothes you intend to wear are immaculately ironed and neat. You surely will soar higher in the sky. It changes the way you will see yourself and the way others will perceive you.

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3. Analyze yourself

You need to sit and carry out a SWOT analysis, wherein you define your strengths, core areas of competencies and also make a list of all the factors that make you feel go weak in the knees. This will be a guiding light as to how you can capitalize on your strengths and also how to overcome the weak areas. If speaking in public is a trauma, go for a spoken and confidence building class. If you are conscious of your appearance and feel that the coworker does it better because he looks better, do not hesitate to take the help of image consultants sprawling all over the globe.


You need to fight out any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable to climb high on the corporate ladder.

4. Aim at fitness

Howsoever off track this might sound, physical fitness is the best way to exhibit confidence. If you walk or gym or go for Zumba classes regularly, you already are a fighter and you know how to work under strenuous work conditions. Feeling fit will make you uber-confident, no matter how new or difficult a task lays ahead. Physical endurance is synonymous with confidence in terms of how you look, how you feel and how you perceive yourself.


Moreover, only a sound body can harbor and nurture a strong, capable and well-equipped mind.

5. Strengthen your mental aptitude

Do not ever let yourself feel down by merely comparing yourself with others. You are unique with specific persona which should not be undermined by seeing the capabilities of the co-workers.


You have to monitor self-talks and always assure yourself that you are the best and you are giving your best. Keep updating yourself each day and stay positive, there is nothing that can defeat you.

Your actions and words are a direct reflection of what you think and feel. So think positive about your own self as this is the first milestone to attain bullet-proof confidence.


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6. Open arms to criticism

Your friends and benefactors are the first people who guide you to your negative points. All you have to do is be receptive to negative criticism and make it a platform to improve yourself. You should open your ears to all negative feedbacks which help you improve each day.


Last words- Everyone has highs and lows at all points in time. You have to make sure that the duration of the dips lessens each day and the span of highs persists longer. Just smile, be ready to face the challenges, take life as it comes and you are ready to see a ‘new-you’. All of us have the aptitudes and skills; you just need to show it. Confidence comes with preparation and experience. Keep updating yourself and knowledge will escalate your confidence at work.

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