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In today’s era, Distance MBA courses are gaining more and more popularity amongst the aspiring students all over the world. This is because MBA courses and programs in different streams have been proven to be very helpful in getting a good job as well as acquiring various skills related to that particular field. Even by pursuing distance learning MBA programs, people are gaining high value in their job placements and career growth opportunities. Here, we are going to discuss about the career options one would get after completing various distance learning MBA programs. Let’s check them out.


MBA in International Business

Distance MBA in International Business can help you set yourself in the world business arena. It can lead you to work with global Multi National Companies that compete on international markets. Apart from this, you can also pursue a career in management finance and consulting. Various job roles you can opt for after getting an MBA degree in International Management are International business analyst, Project Manager, International Logistics Manager, International Business Development Manager, International Finance Manager, Export Managers, International Business Consultant, International Marketing Manager, Investment Banking Managers, Accounts Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Analyst, etc. The prospects of career development in the field of international business is very high as we know that international trade is increasing with each passing day in every part of the world. A person who has an MBA degree in international business can work for both private and government firms.


MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership

As the name suggests, Distance MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership helps students in building entrepreneurial and leadership skills such as Leadership skills such as Marketing research and management, Statistics and quantitative research, Decision making, Organizational theory, Operations management, etc. The best thing about MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership is that after completing this course, you can join any industry you like. You can join on a supervisory role such as Chief executive officer, Director of human resources, Vice president of operations, Executive director, General Manager in a variety of organizations. And this way, your career get a boost from the beginning itself as you start working as a leader and one of the key persons in the whole management team who has a vast knowledge of management, marketing and statistical research. You can even think of starting your own venture which is an aim of every individual.


MBA in Human Resource Management

Distance Learning MBA in Human Resource Management is one of the most popular MBA courses opted by aspiring candidates around the world. After completing MBA in Human Resource Management, you get an opportunity to work in a variety of organizations. Human Resource is one of the most important departments in any company as it decides the quality of man power in any organization that again leads to the overall growth of the company. Various job role that you can opt for after getting an MBA degree in Human Resource Management are HR Executive, Personnel Manager, HR Manager, Public Relations (PR) Manager, HR Consultant, Recruitment Consultant, IT Recruiter, Manager HR, Assistant Manager HR, Director HR, Recruitment Head, Assistant Vice president HR, etc. You need to have very good negotiation skills, communication skills, ability to understand the overall organizational work strategy, etc. A career in HR management includes various works such as recruiting, training, team building, performance updates, employee policy, salary, benefits and increments, employee health and safety as well as staff amenities.


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MBA in Information Technology Management

As we all know, information technology is one of the fastest growing fields in the world business area. So, having an Distance MBA degree in Information Technology Management will not only boost your career growth but will also make you an indispensable fit in the organization you are working with. After doing MBA in Information Technology Management, you can opt for a career as an IT management professional that includes various job roles like IT Manager, IT Consultant, Director IT Management, IT Management Associate, Project Manager, Business Development Manager/Executive IT, IT Product Manager, IT Analytics Manager, System Manager, Data Processing Manager, IT Business head, etc. Various Multi National IT companies across the world such as TCS, Infosys, WIPRO, Tech Mahindra, HCL Technologies, etc., are hiring people in mass numbers not just to develop technology, but to but to plan, sell and manage businesses of technology.


MBA in Marketing and Sales

In MBA education, Marketing is one of the most popular streams. Most of the candidates who are looking to pursue an MBA course tends to pot for marketing as a specialization. Distance learning MBA in Marketing and Sales has a lot of scope in every sector. Always remember that marketing is a backbone of any business. If you have advertised your product in the market properly, then only it will be a hit amongst the users. After pursuing an MBA degree in Marketing and Sales, you can opt for a career in various industries such as media, retail, hospitality, finance, information technology FMCG, OEMS, banking, etc. Various job roles include brand manager, sales manager, marketing manager, product manager, market research analyst, media planner, Internet marketing manager, Sales Head, Marketing Head, Advertising Head, Social Media Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Head, etc.


MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas Management

MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas Management is one of the several MBA courses that are trending amongst students these days. The scope of MBA in Petroleum Management is very vast and aspiring students can expect a promising career in it. The Oil industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and it is in huge demands for skilled management professionals in both private and public sectors. Various companies dealing in the domain of oil marketing, energy/power infrastructure, oil and gas exploration, Allies of petrochemicals, Business advisory and consulting companies, NGOs working for energy efficiency and renewable energy, power distribution, Oil distribution domain, etc. are looking for skilled management professionals for various roles like Energy Consultant Assistant Manager Energy, Maintenance Manager, Field Material Coordinator, Lab Supervisor, Energy Business Analyst, Educationist, Oil Field Sales Head, Business Development Head, etc.


MBA in Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting is one of the basic parts of any organization. Skilled professionals in the field of finance and accounting are in high demand in every industry. Candidates who have done MBA in Finance and Accounting can work in both banking and non-banking sectors; in fact, anywhere in the corporate world as every industry has a need for a financial expert for maintaining the balance of capital. You can get into various roles in the areas of Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Corporate Banking, Credit Risk Management, Derivatives Structuring, Hedge Fund Management, Private Equity. The job titles include Asset Manager, Accounts Head, Senior Director Accounts, Finance Head, Finance Associate, Accounts Associate, Risk Management Head, etc.


MBA in Business Analytics and Intelligence

In today’s era, business analytics and intelligence is used in various organizations and due to its massive usage. Most of the private banks are using data mining and analytics to stay competitive in the market. Those who have done MBA in Business Analytics and intelligence will have vast scope for career building in the analytics companies and those dealing with big data and focus on Retail Banking, Consumer Finance, Consumer packaged goods and Retail, Customer Relationship Management and Media. Just not as an employee, but those who are planning to pursue MBA in Business Analytics and Intelligence, there is a huge opportunity for the entrepreneurial role too. It is relatively new and emerging field with great growth potential, and it signifies huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to explore more and better applications.


MBA in Digital Marketing

MBA in Digital Marketing is one of the most evolving fields today and it has a great demand for digital marketing management professionals. Most of the Management students are opting for a degree in Digital Marketing these days as it is the new big thing in the market, especially, with the growing E-commerce companies around the globe. After completing an MBA degree in digital marketing, you can play various roles such as Digital Marketing Manager, Director Digital Marketing, Content Manager, Content Head, Inbound Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, SEM Manager, SEO Analysts, SEO Head, Search Engine Marketers, Conversion Rate Optimizer, Copy Editors, Advertisement Managers, Alliance Manager, etc. Internet presence is the most important thing for any company today and for a visible presence online, every company needs a dedicated team which looks after the various requirements the company has to increase its online ranking and page views.


MBA in E-commerce Marketing and Management

Just like Digital Marketing, MBA in E-commerce Marketing and Management also plays an important role for any E-commerce company. All the E-commerce companies today are fighting for enhancing their national and global rankings, and these companies are hiring management professionals at a very high rate for looking after the marketing management part. Various roles that you can opt for after completing MBA in E-commerce Marketing and Management are Marketing Manager, Marketing Executives, Senior Associate content marketing, Category Manager, Director Category Management, SEM experts, Manager Branding and Social Media, Campaign Head, etc.


Universities offering above courses:

Amity University

Suresh Gyan Vihar University

Annamalai University

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies



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