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Is Self-Doubt Good For Your Career? | DLP India

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Do you suffer from self- doubt?

Well, it’s absolutely alright to have self-doubt because it’s not just you. In case you didn’t know, some of the highly successful and famous people have too felt it in their lives in one or more forms.


While there are plenty of ways to conquer your self-doubt, it might interest you to know that self-doubt doesn’t do any harm to you. In fact, it actually offers many benefits which can help you advance your career but that is possible only if you want to believe it and think about it that way. So, it’s time to shun all your negativity and avoid being drowned in your thoughts and remind yourself of the benefits that a self-doubt offers:

1. Self-doubt encourages you to continue your learning

Doubting yourself every once in a while makes you feel inspired and motivated to improve yourself. You start questioning your skills and there is a desire to learn new things, enhance your knowledge and expand your skill-set. When there is no self- doubt, there is no inclination towards learning new things and making any progress. As a result, your skills tend to stagnate and you put your career at a standstill because there is no motivation to work harder or pick up something new to stay fresh and updated.


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By continuing your learning, you tend to stay forward in your career. Learning also opens doors to exciting career opportunities giving you a chance to discover new fields of work that you may start enjoying more than what you are currently pursuing.


2. Self-doubt brings out the real greatness in you

When in a state of doubt, you have a natural tendency to engage yourself in relevant and meaningful conversations. Honest discussions with others reinforce your faith in your abilities and you get a boost to move ahead in your career. When transparent conversations take place, others get to see a genuine side of yours and this indeed brings out the real greatness in you.


Furthermore, a bit of self-doubt makes you do a task with dedication and an alert mind, thereby, making your experience of performing a new job role or task interesting and a lot more challenging.

3. Self-doubt makes you humble

A self-doubt makes you learn more about yourself- it makes you understand that it’s a part of life to make mistakes and not excel in everything. You stop looking at things with a biased mind or preconceived notions. Rather than complaining about problems that exist in your life, you start looking at ways that can help you find solutions to those problems. It makes you complacent and someone people can easily trust and depend on.


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4. Self-doubt encourages you to take corrective measures

When you start feeling insecure about something, it happens because you are either not enjoying what you are doing or you are not qualified to do so. In either case, you need a proper analysis to figure out what is not working and what are the actions you need to take to fix things. You feel pushed to take actions that will help in improving your situation which might not be possible without any self-doubt.


Handling a Self-Doubt

Having already discussed the benefits of a self-doubt for your career, the next thing to learn is how to handle a self-doubt so as to not get overwhelmed with its feeling but rather use it to your advantage.

  1. By recognizing repetitive patterns in your thinking- irrational and unrealistic thoughts and by actively changing your mindset, you can get control of your inner critic.
  2. If your fears are holding you back from doing something, you will be better off conducting a true assessment of your skills and abilities and then taking a final call.
  3. It’s common to experience fear and stress whenever it comes to embracing change and uncertainty. By simply telling yourself that it’s a normal thing to happen and everything out there goes through the same, you give yourself the required push and not let the fear come in your way of purpose.
  4. Even by pursuing skill-enrichment courses and advancing your knowledge by enrolling yourself in a regular or distance learning programme, you can give your mental strength a boost and get your mind rid of negative thoughts and feelings.

Over to you:

The emotions- good or bad are best put to use when you begin to see them as your strengths and not as your weaknesses. Remember, your emotions are always your most valuable tools in accomplishing things you desire for in your life.


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