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Lean Six Sigma: Top tips worth remembering | DLP India

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There are many organizations where the process improvement is done only verbally or given a lip service and is considered sufficient. In such cases, the deficiencies are often exacerbated. This ultimately kicks off a battle to maintain and sustain the process improvement which sometimes overshadows the strategic approach followed by the members directly involved in CI capability development programs. This article shares some interesting insights on top Lean Six Sigma tips which could be beneficial for the organizations in their next Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black belt project, activities or other problem-solving tasks.


1. Customer-centric approach

The organizations should not forget that they don’t only have the customers but they are themselves the customers as well. The metrics for a successful project should be well defined and the organizations should be upfront regarding what they need from the sponsors, process owners, colleagues and other related departments/ suppliers. All these needs should be clearly communicated along with the consequences in case any of the suppliers fail. This will help the organizations in having a backup plan and be ready with an alternate solution.


2. Be aware of the improvement opportunities

There is a possibility that the organizations may not work on strategy changing projects as they channelize the underlying opportunity of making small enhancements and improvements everywhere. By making such small improvements, the organizations may witness slow but gradual improvements in the long run.


There always lies a better way which is by adopting latest technologies and resonates well with the changing customer needs and requirements.

3. Be clear in your vision and approach

If the organizations want to touch that extra mile, then they have to be very clear about their vision and approach in attaining the project success as this will have a direct and very strong impact on the stakeholders. Clarity of vision is very essential among the stakeholders to drive the project else they won’t be able to give their 100% to the project.


4. Know your stakeholders

Apart from knowing the customers, the organizations should also make efforts to win both the heart and mind of the stakeholders. In this competitive world, it may happen that even the brightest of ideas are required to be sold again and again. The organizations should be able to read the stakeholder’s mind and offer them something which actually sticks with them and make them understand the merits of the idea.


5. Aim for simpler solutions

The analysis part is often tedious and complex. But, the stakeholders are interested in the solutions part only. They are least bothered about the approach or the strategy that is being followed. So, the organizations should aim for a simpler solution- something which the stakeholders can understand. This certainly boosts the approval procedure and the organizations can expect the stamp of approval soon. The organizations should aim to keep the conclusion simple and ensure that the communication priorities fall as per the predefined sequence.


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6. Opt for advocates

It may happen that the journey may get tough and the organizations need support for implementing organizational change. In such a scenario, the organizations may need supporters or advocates to carry out the required changes seamlessly. The advocates may include senior management, sponsors, executives, project champions and opinion formers from all levels.


The organizations need to get them by their side so as to achieve the goals quickly and have the right backing from the initial stages itself. This should be done as early as possible so as to rule out any project stalls or delays.

7. Admire perseverance only up to a point

It does take a lot of effort and time for the executives to support their point in front of stakeholders and sponsors. Perseverance and persistence are admirable qualities but only up to a point. It is really important to understand when to let it go and move ahead. It may happen that the organizations have to invest their passion in alternative projects so as to ensure long-term success as well as flexibility.


Winding Up

It is important that all the improvement activities and projects should be robust but it doesn’t imply that deep analysis and great complexity is required on all the occasions. The more the things are kept simpler, more are the chances of success and approval from the stakeholders and sponsors.


Always remember over processing is considered to be the deadliest waste by Lean Six Sigma!

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