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Knowledge and experience goes hand in hand. Likewise theory and practical goes hand in hand. The only difference is theory starts from basics, while practical is the continuation of theory and beyond. But any career big or small starts with theoretical knowledge first, only if we have a strong grip on the base, we would be able to excel in practical. Having said that, even the most intelligent person, sometimes can’t completely depend on practical and at some point when they are stuck; they need to check back what they have learnt in theory. At the same time, the theoretical knowledge helps in exploring new techniques practically. To put it in simple terms, both are important in real life.


A lesson taught in theory comes into use in the long run, while practical helps us learn through our mistakes. Theory is the basics of what we learn; while practical helps us learn new things from our mistakes. So let’s point out the difference between theory and practical knowledge:

  1. Theory is intellectual understanding, while practical is true understands. In management studies, you study about management, its usage in the real world etc, but when you start working, you come to know that management is a vast subject which cannot be explained theoretically, but only through experience you learn and it’s an ongoing learning. No books can teach you the true management studies unless you experience it yourself.
  2. Technical training or knowledge helps understand the complexity of the subject, and ways to deal with it. All this is just bookish knowledge and it looks simple in books. But practical knowledge helps us face the critical and complexity of the situation for real and deal it with your own ways which helps you understand the depth of the situation.
  3. High grades and technical knowledge does not measure the success in the outside world, and this sometimes degrades the confidence of the students that what will they do or how will they get job once they complete the course. However, campus placement helps in boosting the confidence of such candidates, but again not all the students gets placed and so the average students are the most that get hit by the complex competition.

So, all in all, there indeed is a huge difference between practical and theoretical knowledge. AT the same time, one can’t just achieve success without theoretical knowledge because that’s the first step towards achieving success. Only when you have basic theoretical knowledge, you can think about implementing your skills practically. In a nutshell, both theory and practical goes hand in hand.

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