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Role of the Latest AI Technology in Helping Your Resume Stand Out | DLP India

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Like almost every other industry, the hiring industry is continually evolving. The advent of technology and social media has made it highly competitive for job applicants to secure a job of their dreams. In case you are one such applicant seeking a job, there is a lot more for you to know.


One job opening attracts more than 250 resumes on an average and more than half of the applications are rejected by an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in the first round of screening itself. These systems are automatic and they screen applicants on the basis of right keywords.

Having known all this, can you afford to take chances with your resume?

You would agree that you will need to have all the components of your resume intact in order to land yourself a satisfactory job.


Because the Applicant Tracking Systems are automatic, having the right keywords in your resume is the key to avoiding rejection by these systems. In order to draft a perfect resume for the systems to accept it, it must incorporate all the elements of the job description. And to make this happen, the use of technology and the latest mediums is more important than you think.

One such trending medium is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Having touched different areas of life such as education and healthcare, it has even found its way towards the recruiting sector.


Let us begin by understanding what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

It is an area of computer science focusing on developing machines that work and react like humans. The use of this technology that is tailored to machines has gone a long way in making the world far more responsive than earlier times.


The Use of AI Technology in Writing Resumes

In terms of resume writing, you provide some basic information to the machines using AI and your job gets done within minutes of providing the information and that too in a relevant manner.


There are several websites like and that offer resume writers (free and paid). These websites combine user input with AI technology in order to give the keyword friendly output within just a few minutes.

The use of AI technology in writing resumes is significant as it comes with a potential to change resume writing in different ways as listed below:

1. Helps in saving a considerable amount of time

With its potential to look at your LinkedIn profile, it can extract all the information related to your previously held roles and all other important points to be put on your resume. Thus, you are simply left with a task of editing and making a few adjustments, rather than having to write from scratch.


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2. Fact-check your resume

Whenever you are sending your resume for a job application, it must not contain any errors or there shouldn’t be any misrepresentation of information. Even a single mistake in your resume has the potential to ruin your chances of landing a job. The use of AI technology can radically improve resume writing by highlighting errors along with some facts that could otherwise be misrepresented or don’t seem to be right.


3. Making recommendations based on trends in your industry

Based on the industry trends, AI resume software can make some really useful recommendations by studying a wide variety of resumes. It can throw light on what is missing in your resume or how you could improve it further to maximize your chances of getting hired.


For example, it could send a notification like: “66% of the job applicants use sales metric along with their job roles for the given job title but your application is missing this metric.”

4. Guide you through the process

The use of AI makes it possible for a resume builder to guide you through the process of resume writing by simply asking you questions section wise. Thus, you don’t have to start writing your resume on a blank sheet of paper wondering where to start.


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5. Add keywords

As said before, the keywords are important to be put on resumes as the use of applicant tracking systems like Recruiteze is becoming wide and popular. The resume AI can make the process simpler for you by recommending keywords based on the common usage of words by job seekers, job descriptions and more such factors. The use of AI can, therefore, help you get past ATS.


6. Translation

With the rapid improvements taking place in AI technology, it has become a possibility for you to write your resume in one language and have it automatically translated into others. This feature is quite useful especially for candidates seeking jobs in the international market.


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Finally, the use of artificial intelligence makes it possible for you to secure more interviews, look for high paying career choices and get hired faster.

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