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The Advantages of Obtaining a Degree | DLP India

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A majority of students consider pursuing a degree as they consider it to be the gateway to their dream job. While a degree maximizes your chances of landing yourself a satisfactory job, it doesn’t guarantee you a job. Having said that, it might raise your doubts and you may start contemplating if there is any use of pursuing a degree. After all, obtaining a degree means investing a lot of your time and resources. What you must know is that even if a degree doesn’t offer too many monetary benefits, the several other benefits offered by it make it completely worth to obtain a degree in the field of your study.


A degree can be obtained both via regular and distance learning mode. A regular learning mode referred to as a traditional method of learning exposes you to university life which offers personal development, encourages learning and can also be fun. In today’s fast-paced and digital connected world, the second method of learning that is distance education is gaining a lot of importance due to flexibility and convenience it offers. Degrees obtained via distance learning mode hold the same reputation and significance as degrees obtained by a traditional method of learning. In today’s gig-based economy which is indeed dominated by hustlers, everyone out there wants to lead the life of a digital nomad- be it a student or professional and thus, their demands are being catered to by offering location independent learning courses.

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Having discussed that distance learning is at par with regular learning, there is no need for learners to curb their dreams of going for a higher education in case they are working or are not in a position to relocate them to a place where the university is located. Instead, what is important is gaining insights on benefits offered by a degree and they are as listed below:

  • By equipping yourself with advance knowledge in the field of your learning, you start attracting high-quality jobs which is not likely to be the case with non-graduates.
  • In a majority of cases, the driving force behind pursuing a degree is the ability to earn more money. A degree is considered to be the most common route to making a career in the fields that demand higher skills and offer higher salaries and fancy job perks. The findings of the research suggest that graduates (both bachelors and post-grads) earn significantly higher than high-school pass-outs.
  • A degree helps you to expand your skill-set and it widens your horizons, thereby, helping you become more employable and job-friendly. Besides getting trained in your field, your analytical and critical thinking skills get a boost and even more, you become a better decision-maker; these skills are of paramount importance in the workplace and determine how far you go in your professional journey.

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  • The research suggests that graduates tend to be more health conscious and are, therefore, not likely to indulge themselves in things that can have a negative effect on their health. They understand the importance of exercising and healthy living.
  • A degree tends to make you an active and responsible citizen. As a result, you are willing to work for the welfare of your country and fellow human beings.
  • Graduates get exposed to a plethora of career opportunities with an option to advance themselves in the field of their choice.
  • Degree holders are, generally, found to possess a growth mindset. Even more, they like to have a flexible approach towards work and maintain a positive attitude in the workplace.
  • Having a degree is associated with having a better job security. By having a degree, you become invaluable to your employer. Your employer will never want to replace you with someone who has just completed a high school or has a lower degree than yours and thus, you become less vulnerable to layoffs. In fact, educated employees are vital to the company’s growth and success. This is the reason employers are happy paying for their employees’ tuition and training as they know their investment will bring substantial rewards to the company.

Some Final Words

As a graduate, you are more likely to enjoy your job and get satisfaction out of your career. The reasons are obvious. When you enjoy higher levels of income, employment benefits and get exposed to advancement opportunities in your career; you are bound to get satisfaction and happiness in pursuing your job. You will feel a lot more inspired and motivated to accomplish your career goals and objectives.


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