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Your LinkedIn profile says a heap about you. Approximately, 93% of recruiters now use LinkedIn to infuse fresh talent for their top-notch clients. Do I need to say more about the impact? Let’s dive into 5 main reasons how your profile can impact the recruiters.


Your LinkedIn Profile Gives Visibility to Recruiters

Having a LinkedIn profile is the best way to grab a lot of attention from recruiters. So, become an attention grabber with your profile. It takes less than six seconds for a recruiter to hook into your profile, so better make them count good enough. Write impressive headlines and summary of your profile. Be concise and accurate at the same time. Add striking one-liners in your job title as give you an opportunity to sell yourself in a digital way. Profile summary must be short and smart enough to get recruiter interests with the apt brief of what you are and your skill sets. And last but not least, by identifying your value proposition correctly in the profile is the one thing recruiters will love you more as you’ll save them a heck of the time.


Connect, engage & get involved

A quick peep of your profile can give your recruiter an insight about how serious are you about your work and industry. By engaging, following the right influencers to let your recruiters know your interests that reflect your career path. In today’s day and age, there is no better way to connect and use social media for the enhancement of your career.


Appeal to Your Target Audience

The surest way to charm your recruiter is to make his/her job easier by making a fool proof profile, easy and comfy to understand. Be kind, smart and bold enough get what they and present the same in your profile in a short, concise and accurate formatted manner. Trust me; using right keywords is always appreciated by recruiters.


Indeed before making your profiles do ask you this question. What’s in there for a recruiter? Why on earth will they stop by on your profile? Or what will get them buy? Like I said before, does your profile communicate your value proposition?

Recruiters Appreciate Honest & Accurate Profiles

It’s good to keep your readers engaging and excited but that doesn’t mean to mislead them with fake profiles and information. An updated and accurate profile is always a trust factor between the applicant and the recruiter. Always make sure to update your profile, tenure, qualification and everything accurate to grab the attention of the recruiters. And, there is no need to shy away from any sort of achievements if you have earned them surely flaunts them.


Your Profile Picture says It All

Lately, a research suggests 19% of recruiters look at profile pictures while making any decision. Giving thumbs up while holding a pint is big “NO”. They say, a picture is worth a thousand words, it has been said for all the right reasons. It is best to ensure to choose the profile picture that showcases your best professional attributes.


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