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Why is growth mindset important | DLP India

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Are you one of those who think the learning process gets over as soon as you get a degree in your hands?


If this is true, what you must know is that even a random thought of this kind can be disruptive for your career. Consider this:

Have you ever analyzed how many thoughts, on an average, run through your mind on a daily basis?


It is these thoughts that form the basis of your mindset and determine where you’ll be reaching in your career. A right mindset is important in order to take charge of your learning process and possess what is known as the “growth mindset”.

A “growth mindset” is often described as a new psychology of success. This mindset has to do with a belief that you are capable of constantly developing and nurturing your skills regardless of anything else. This belief is something that helps you reach your full potential and zenith of glory in your life.


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There are many people who tend to believe that the power of their brains along with the talent they possess is limited and there is nothing much they can do in order to enhance them further. This is, however, far from the truth. In fact, it is nothing but a misguided assumption that only harms their career and lead to stagnation in their lives.


A growth mindset is important for more than one reason and these reasons are as listed below:

  • The amount of success you gain in your life is directly proportional to the amount of belief you have in your abilities. Your mind will achieve only what you will instruct it to accomplish. This is because depending on your beliefs and instructions, your mind prepares your body to face challenges and hardships that are eventually going to find your way.
  • It is only when you strive for more, the success comes to you. It is with a growth mindset and desire for more, you start putting in more efforts and hard work and start believing in never giving up in life at least without a good fight.
  • The career paths students are likely to settle for in their lives depends majorly on the characters that are displayed by them. The character of an individual is nothing but the reflection of a mindset. Depending on the mindset, there are two types of characters displayed by individuals:

a. The Fixed Character: The individuals with a fixed mindset are inclined towards settling for careers that require almost no or little creativity. Even though people with this mindset can manage to be successful in their lives, they are not likely to tap their full potential as they don’t believe in working towards improving their intelligence. Such people would want to look smart all the time but fear risk and challenges.

b. The Growth Character: People who believe in growth have flexible minds and tend to be a lot more creative than those with a fixed character. These individuals are open to learning, trying new things and expanding their skill-set. They are the ones who don’t believe in giving up. Instead, they are the ones who actively seek growth and learning opportunities all the time to accelerate the growth rate of their careers. As simple as that, belief leads to action and it is only a belief that empowers an individual to accomplish more in life.

  • The individuals with a growth mindset believe in climbing the ladder of career success and growth. They are not the ones who would sit back and continue waiting for opportunities to come their way. In fact, they are the ones who believe in creating opportunities and a career of their dreams on their own.

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Thus, growth-minded individuals tend to develop every day of their lives. The growth for individuals with a fixed mindset, however, remains on the same level throughout their lives.


Some Final Words

A growth mindset with a commitment to lifelong learning is arguably the most powerful factor determining the career growth of an individual. This mindset is important to be possessed by individuals at all the stages of their careers, most importantly as early as possible in their lives to be able to stretch themselves and achieve maximum growth.


After reading all that is written above, do you feel convinced that a growth mindset is important for the higher levels of career success?

If yes, it’s time to ask yourself- what is it that you want to accomplish next in your career? And, what will it take to accomplish that goal of yours?


Remember, a growth mindset requires a lot of practice, determination and humility. While awareness is the first step, attitude and action play an equally important role.

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