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Why must you Blog in today’s time | DLP India

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Like several other hobbies, Blogging might just be seen as another hobby that you embrace over the course of your life. But this is one of those very few hobbies that have a potential to change your life in a really big way. There are numerous anecdotes of individuals who started Blogging merely as a hobby but it changed their lives so radically that they went on to make it as their full-time career choice.


Why must you Blog?

This article is about how Blogging is a lot more than just writing stories or keeping a journal of your travel experiences and why it has become crucial to blog in today’s time:

1. To live a more meaningful life

Because you may want to argue that how can blogging help someone lead a meaningful life, here’s an answer:

Thumb rule, Blogging requires a filter. To start off, you just can’t sit in front of your laptop and start writing on everything that comes your way. When you take up to Blogging, you’ll realize that there are only a few selected topics that you feel comfortable writing about. And those topics are likely to be the ones revolving around the most meaningful events in your life. Thus, Blogging helps you gain an insight into things that are of great significance in your life. For some, it could be traveling and for others, it could be parenting- it’s something you see only when you take the initial step of getting started with Blogging.


2. Blogging hones your critical thinking and analytical skills

Blogging requires delving deeper into the events happening in your life and surroundings; stopping and taking a break from everything else to be able to write your thoughts. It certainly isn’t an easy task and it is for the same reason, many quit Blogging even before starting it in the right manner.


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3. For your career

In today’s time when almost every organization- from small to big, is taking to Digital Marketing for the success of its business, you can’t do without a Blog. You need a blog not only to increase the traffic to your website but also to show your expertise in your domain which will eventually help you back up and gain more recognition in your career.


4. To make some additional money

Blogging is a hobby that pays you back in more than one ways. In case you didn’t know, your Blog can act as a source of both passive and active income and help you make a lot of money. Having known that, there are Bloggers who have taken to Blogging as their full-time career and are making an unbelievable amount of money from the same.


5. You can pursue Blogging from anywhere and everywhere

To Blog, you don’t need to be present somewhere or have a particular infrastructure in place. All you need is a laptop and reliable internet connection and you’re good to go. You’ll find there are digital nomads, students pursuing regular and distance education, stay-at-home mothers/ wives, and even full-time professionals who love Blogging from the comfort of their couches. Blogging has indeed revolutionized the concept of work-from-home jobs.


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6. To showcase your work

You may use your Blog as a portfolio to fetch a job of your dreams or gain admission to the college or university of your interest. A well-maintained and designed Blog can help you stand out from the crowd, thereby, maximizing your chances of success in the chosen field of work.


7. To become a better individual

Because your blog serves as a personal journal, it can train you to become more observant and track your personal growth and wellbeing. You become aware of your own self and start understanding yourself in a much better way. Besides, you can always go back to the digital records of your life whenever you want to, given that your blogs are saved online in the “cloud”.


8. To motivate others

Blogging is one of those highly effective methods that can be used to motivate others on a topic that is close to your heart or something that you are sensitive about. It can be used as a medium to educate people on one or more topics, reach out to an audience and even to hear back from those who follow you.


9. To become a disciplined person

Blogging demands a lot of time, commitment and discipline. To get the most of your writings, you would obviously want to enhance your productivity and get more regulated in your life. It will, therefore, be the dawn of time in your life when you will be learning to embrace new things in life- good and positive which will bring out the best in you and make you a better individual.


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Do you wish to start Blogging but don’t know from where to begin? You’ll be surprised to know that there are many distance education short-term courses offered in this field and can be pursued online from the comfort of your home. Contact us for more information.

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